Her portrayal in Netflix’s Narcos The Netflix TV canada goose

Her portrayal in Netflix’s Narcos The Netflix TV canada goose

Cocaine king’s secret lover reveals reality of life with cartel boss

Real story behind Loving Pablo TV host Virginia Vallejo shared a bed with the founder of the global canada goose outlet cocaine industry, who was one of the most ambitious and brutal criminals in historyVirginia interviews Pablo Escobar on TVOver the course of their tempestuous love affair Virginia would come to witness first hand the bloodshed, fear and corruption that accompanied the rise of Escobar’s crime empire.She had a ringside seat for the drugs, sex, wealth and violence and watched as her married lover went canada goose clearance sale from rising politician who was loved by the poor to a desperate paranoid fugitive who was the most wanted man in the world until his death in a hail of bullets.Escobar the criminal Escobar is widely regarded as a monster beyond belief.He masterminded the bombing of an airliner in which 107 people died, canada goose store the murders of three presidential candidates, dozens of judges, journalists and politicians.And hundreds of innocent civilians were killed in scores of bombings.Yet in his native Colombia, Escobar was canada goose uk shop idolised by buy canada goose jacket cheap the poor because he shrewdly built them homes, roads, canada goose coats sports stadiums and provided thousands of jobs.When he and Virginia met in 1982, he was a young congressman with hopes Canada Goose Coats On Sale for canada goose black friday sale high political office and the canada goose uk black friday source of his wealth was still a mystery.Still uk canada goose to come were the mass murders, canada goose clearance violent shoot outs with police, political assassinations and thousands of deaths caused as a result of his business producing most of the world’s cocaine.CIA divers search for Pablo Escabar’s missing millions after they find the site his submarine sankIn her book Virginia paints a picture of a strong, commanding and ruthless businessman a long way from the image of a fugitive rat Canada Goose Parka hiding out Canada Goose sale in run down farms and barely seeing daylight which characterised the months in the run up to his death https://www.gooseyou.com in 1993.Her portrayal in Netflix’s Narcos The Netflix TV canada goose coats on sale show Narcos alluded to the relationship with the character ‘Valeria Velez’, played by Stephanie Sigman, allegedly based on Virginia although she is unhappy with the canada goose association.She told the Mirror exclusively: “My portrayal in Narcos is as a pervert, and a criminal and cheap Canada Goose corrupt journalist that in the end is tortured and killed.”The purpose of the script was to defame me brutally and rape me in front of millions of people.”Instead she has high hopes for the film of her book Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar, which stars Javier Bardem and Pen Cruz.As well as his dark side Virginia describes her former lover’s generosity and free spending and details dozens of meetings including an extraordinary visit to one of the drug lord’s jungle haciendas.Whilst at the house she visited his private zoo complete with elephants, hippopotamuses, rhinoceros, giraffes, zebras, camels, kangaroos and Appaloosa horses.And swimming in cheap canada goose uk a river on his estate Virginia reveals a brush with buy canada goose jacket death when says she got sucked into a whirlpool and was rescued by Escobar.She writes: “Without a second thought he leaps into the water and reaches me in seconds.”First, he uses words to calm me; then, movements so precise they seem choreographed; and finally, a strength that seems equal to whirlpool’s to pull me out.”And that confident, brave man snatches me from the arms of death as if I was a feather, as canadian goose jacket if that act were just one more responsibility of a gallant host, and as if he were immune to a danger that he brushes aside.”At the time of the meeting Virginia says canada goose uk outlet she had a boyfriend but his addiction to cocaine was to bring the relationship to an end ironically bearing in mind she would soon find herself in the arms of the most famous dealer of that drug in history.Real life ‘Narcos’ agents Murphy and Pena Canada Goose Jackets who brought down Pablo Escobar reveal anger towards drug lord after 25 yearsAs a famous television host she was used to mixing with the wealthy elite and had a string of handsome suitors, but she was captivated by Escobar.

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