Eventually, the osmotic pressure gets so high the salt ions

Eventually, the osmotic pressure gets so high the salt ions

Everything You Need To Know And Then Some

Canada Goose Outlet The question is: Brine my bird or not? The answer? Maybe. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose online Turkey that is labeled “enhanced” or “flavor enhanced” or “self basting” or “basted” has been injected with a salt solution at the packing plant. Kosher meat has also been treated with salt canada goose uk black friday at the plant. Do not brine these meats. You risk making them too salty. Canada Goose online

But if you have an unadulterated bird if you like your meat juicy, tender and flavorful there is one simple ingredient that can improve all three: Salt.

Here’s how salting and brining can significantly improve your cooking, how they work, how to make wet and dry brines, and how to use them.

Blonder busts the myth that osmosis

canada goose is how the canada goose outlet salt enters meat canada goose

Almost all the cookbooks tell us that salt is pulled out of the brine and into the meat by osmosis, a well known phenomenon we all learned about in high school when we were not napping and passing notes. Greg Blonder, physicist, entrepreneur and former Chief Technical Advisor at AT famous Bell Labs. Another myth busted by Blonder.

I asked him to explain the difference between osmosis and diffusion, and here is my version of the metaphor he used.

Canada Goose Jackets Imagine that the other night you had dinner at Canada Goose Jackets a nice restaurant where you ordered a wonderful garlic shrimp entree. You couldn’t finish it so they put the leftovers in a plastic doggie bag for you. When you got home you put the bag in the fridge. Before bed, when you had your milk and cookies, the fridge smelled fine. But the next morning, as you grab the milk for your cereal, the fridge had a faint scent of garlic shrimp. That night the scent was stronger, and it got stronger by the day. After a while the smell even got into your milk. That’s because the scent molecules could get through the Canada Goose Parka semi permeable bag and the plastic milk bottle. Canada Goose Jackets

canadian goose jacket This is sort of what is happening with osmosis, vastly simplified. Molecules in a highly concentrated solution bust through a semi permeable membrane to get into a less concentrated solution until the two reach equilibrium. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance Now imagine that for some inexplicable reason you decide to eat the shrimp after a few days. When you open the bag the odors, no longer blocked by the plastic bag, wafts quickly from one end of the room to the other. That is like diffusion, and that is how most of the salt in a brine enters meat (it is really air currents that move odor molecules, but this is a metaphor and not a physics test). canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket cheap That lean pork loin chop you are brining is not wrapped in a plastic bag. No semi permeable membrane, no osmosis. But there are plenty of juices on the surface. Salt gets into the meat simply by going through wide open pores, sliced muscle fibers, capillaries and other channels which allow the saline solution to march inward much more quickly and efficiently than canada goose uk shop by osmosis. Finally, the salt unravels canada goose uk outlet some of the proteins, opening up even more channels. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats Now that doesn’t mean there is no osmosis at work at all, says Blonder. “In the early stages of brining, salt ions do leapfrog from cell membrane to cell membrane. Inside the cell they encounter water and other large molecules. The larger molecules can’t leave cheap Canada Goose through the cell wall so as the salt enters, the internal pressure rises like a balloon. Eventually, the osmotic pressure gets so high the salt ions are either pushed back out as fast as they enter, or the cell ruptures. In other words, the amount of osmosis in small and osmotic pressure sometimes opposes the diffusive motion of ions Canada Goose Coats On Sale from the surface into the meat.” canada goose coats

Blonder can only speculate why conventional wisdom says that osmotic pressure is the driving force. “Perhaps this is because because the word ‘pressure’ sounds, well, so forceful compared to random, aimless diffusion.” For more technical discussion on the topic, read Blonder’s article on his website. For more on osmosis, uk canada goose click the link to visit a college website that explains it in detail with cool animations.

Another revelation: Brines penetrate during low temp cooking

buy canada goose jacket Research by Blonder is fascinating. He took a pork loin and submerged it in a concentrated brine, colored it with a dye, and refrigerated it for an hour. As you can see, the brine penetrated only 2 mm, a bit more than 1/16″. It didn’t pull the larger dye molecules past the surface. And the weight of the meat increased very little. His tests of less concentrated brines produced even less canada goose clearance penetration and weight gain. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose deals He then took a pork loin that was about 3″ tall and rubbed it with a high concentration of a curing salt, a dry brine, that would react with a chemical he put on coffee filters. It sat for an hour in the fridge. He washed it off and cooked it at 230F. When the internal temp hit 100F he cut off a slice, applied the filter paper, and you can see the result in picture (A) below, a nice thin pink kiss. As the internal temp rose, you can see that the salt canada goose factory sale migrated further and further inward, far faster than it does when simply soaking in brine, forming thicker kisses. canada goose deals

Canada Goose sale In picture E you see a section that had been canada goose soaking in a wet brine solution for 24 hours before cooking at 230F and as you can see the salt has migrated almost to the center during the hour and a half it took for the center to reach 135F. “Diffusion is an exponential process, with the most dramatic movement early on. Canada Goose sale

canada goose store Brines do not penetrate very far in short periods. They can penetrate further in long periods, but more penetration takes place during cooking than during the brining process due to the heat exciting the molecules. The most important effect of salting is to improve the water retention of the surface, from which a lot of moisture is lost during cooking, and the amplification of flavor caused by salt. canada goose store

cheap Canada Goose Dry brining is a technique popularized by Chef Judy Rodgers of San Francisco’s famous Zuni Cafe. It is illustrated in the photos of a boneless ribeye, above. cheap Canada Goose

1) Take the meat out of the fridge about an hour before cooking and Canada Goose online pat it thoroughly dry with a paper towel. Sprinkle salt on the meat and let it come to Canada Goose Outlet room temp.

2) The salt draws out moisture which dissolves the salt. See how the uk canada goose outlet meat has become shiny with moisture below?

3) The meat reabsorbs the moisture (and much of the juices that have leaked out) bringing the salt in with it. buy canada goose jacket Notice how the color of the fat on buy canada goose jacket cheap the right has changed where the salt has soaked in.

canada goose black friday sale I know that a lot of health experts are taking potshots at salt right now because it makes food taste better and can entice us to eat too much. I canadian goose jacket know that many of us have been told to limit salt intake because it can raise our blood pressure, but before you start posting the “you idiot” comments below, know this: canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Parka Salt is vital to all living things. It is called canada goose coats on sale an “essential nutrient” for humans, which means that our bodies do not make it, so all our salt must be ingested. When dissolved in water, salt conducts electricity and it is essential for aiding the transmission of signals along your nervous system and in your brain. Too little salt in your diet can result in nerve and muscle damage. An average human has about seven tablespoons in their systems. That’s why all your bodily fluids are salty: Blood, sweat and tears. Canada Goose Parka

On the flip side, salt is hydrophilic, meaning it attracts the hydrogen (H) in water (H2O); so too much salt in your blood can cause your body to hold too much water, canada goose coats and that excess water can put pressure on your vascular system causing elevated blood pressure. Because most packaged and prepared foods are heavily salted in order to enhance flavor, most of us consume far more than the recommended 1 teaspoon of canada goose store salt per day.

canada goose coats on sale Salt is so vital to society and health that the words salt, saline and salary have the same root, the Latin word salarium which was the money paid to a Roman soldier to buy salt. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance sale Salt is also a preservative and antimicrobial, which is why so many meats and vegetables were brined, pickled, or packed in salt before refrigeration. Think prosciutto and corned beef. Salt raises the temperature at which water boils and lowers the temp at which it freezes and it https://www.canadagoosejacketonlines.ca is also a heckuva stain remover. On that score alone, I say stop picking on salt canada goose clearance sale.

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