Alpha 3 Cattle Co is a member of the National Cattlemens Beef

Alpha 3 Cattle Co is a member of the National Cattlemens Beef

World Trade Organization Repeals Popular Meat Labeling

A. as one of the elite places for safe food and water. The reason for this praise has been due to hard fought regulations and inspections that have developed over the years. 90% of people approve of COOL (Reference 1). The fact that the COOL law is being repealed is considered one of the most outrageous acts ever (and there are many). Here is a law that had protected our food and made the companies that process food more responsible in bringing food to America. So why repeal buy canada goose jacket cheap it? Who would do such a dastardly deal? That is the reason for this article. But first we have to accurately define what exactly is COOL and its history. And the we will go into the reasons why the enemies of the law wanted it repealed.

canada goose clearance The Country of Origin Labels (COOL) was originally written canada goose black friday sale in 2008 under consumer pressure who wanted safer food and asked for more transparency in how its food is being handled. The result was COOL. A common sense label to protect the public. (Reference 2) canada goose clearance

canada goose This law required meat to be labelled, the end product was simple: Made in USA or Product of such and such country. But, this rule was repealed when the World Trade Organization the organization which is in charge of decisions that can influence Trade uk canada goose rendered their decision, saying it was discriminatory to other countries. canada goose This was on July 23 2012. It was an unfathomable decision. So, the rules were re written by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Most meat processors continued to label in USA if it was made in the USA while the law was re written. canada goose

COOL was revised in 2013 and it now reads: Canada Goose Outlet cut meats require labels to specify in sequence, the country where a source animal was born, the country where it was raised, and the country where it was slaughtered. It is a simple rule and everybody was happy. Or were they?

canada goose store The Implementation of Revised COOL canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket cheap The new labeling requirement of COOL went into effect on May 23, 2013. Yea! But there were two lawsuits lawsuit filed in July, 2013, (References 3 4) only two months after the law was implemented. Somebody really had to HATE this law. But who? The WTO? No, the WTO can only render a decision about a lawsuit, but they can not initiate a lawsuit (not in its own name anyway). So, then, who is this public enemy who is against safe food? buy canada goose jacket cheap

The Giant Institute Who Doesn Want You to Have Safer Meat.

canada goose deals The group that filed the lawsuit, within cheap Canada Goose two months when COOL was implemented, was The American Meat Institute (AMI). The American Meat Institute is a group of the largest meat producers in the United States. AMI represents 95% of all red meat and 70% of all turkey processing. On the (N)AMI Board of Directors (Ref.5) is Hormel; Tyson Chicken, which has processing plants in China, India, Brazil and, (there it is), cheap canada goose uk Mexico (Ref. 6); Cargill Meats; Butterball; JBS; Costco; Omaha Steaks; Harris Ranch; and Smithfield Foods who has just been bought by a Chinese company, plus many others. canada goose deals

canadian goose jacket So How Does COOL Hurt an American Company? canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose sale I mean this Canada Goose Parka is the trick isn it, if you are going to file a lawsuit, you have to demonstrate that you are being injured or hampered in some unfair way. So, how does an American Meat Processor say that they are being hurt? Well, they really can But, if you have some brainy million dollar lawyers they can usually figure out something. And they did. They filed two lawsuits, but, in this second lawsuit, AMI used a couple of their peripheral companies, out on the canada goose uk shop borders of Mexico and Canada (but still within their affiliations) and then named them as the Plaintiffs using the same AMI lawyers. Boo, hiss, stinks to high heaven. That is correct, the American Meat Institute filed the lawsuit to repeal COOL as Canadian and Mexican producers that are being injured. Canada Goose sale

cheap Canada Goose Of course, one can make the case that Canada has a higher standard than America both in raising cattle and poultry and in processing meat. So, how would labeling meat as in Canada be injurious to meat from Canada? It wouldn It would be like requiring shoes that are made in Italy to say in Italy in big letters. But that was the basis of the lawsuit. cheap Canada Goose

The Fake Plaintiffs In an Effort To Repeal canada goose clearance sale COOL

Canada Goose online As we know the American Meat Institute is the main plaintiff trying to repeal the Country of Origin Labels (COOL) (References 3 4). But, in order to go through the side door and file as interests (Mexico and Canada), AMI found some subsidiaries who fulfilled this criteria. For those of you who don care about these details, please fast forward to the next section. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket Fake Plaintiff 1 BK Pork is a member of the National Pork Producers Council Iowa affiliate and a close canada goose factory sale ally of (N)AMI. According to the lawsuit, BK Pork would have to stop raising Canadian pigs in their home state of Iowa.(Reference 3, page 42) This argument falls apart quickly. First, Iowa is nowhere close to Canada. Supposedly BK Pork imports cows all the way from Canada. How does this agreement make any financial sense to do this, and why would in Canada them? buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet Fake Plaintiff 2 is Alpha 3 Cattle Company. Alpha 3 Cattle Co is a member of the National Cattlemens Beef Association (NCBA) the plaintiff and close friend of (N)AMI. It is a feedyard canada goose outlet in Texas that imports 38,000 head of Mexican cattle per year. This is NAMI only connection with Mexico (that is not Tyson), that is the sole reason why they are included in the lawsuit. (Reference 3, page 41 42) They are extremely small potatoes, and there are not many American companies that import Mexican cattle. If we dig deeper, we could probably find the reason why this company really exists. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats Fake Plaintiff 3 is Agri beef. This is a ranch in Idaho and that processes its beef in Washington. It is a member of the North American Meat Association (NAMA). (Since the lawsuit was initiated, NAMA has become part of (N)AMI.) In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs argue: Washington is a state, Agri Beef relies heavily on cattle imported from Canada during particular times of Canada Goose online the year. I am sure this company could Canada Goose sale get a waiver from the USDA for having their cattle graze in the US for a month. Like I said previously, raised in Canada is up there is absolutely no downside in labeling it that way. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Parka Overall, the whole lawsuit is laughable but money canada goose coats and special connections can take a lawsuit a long way. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance sale The Courts and The Lawsuit to Repeal COOL canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats on sale The first court to hear the American Meat Institute to Repeal the Country of Origin Labels was heard at the District Court in Washington, DC. This suit was defeated on March 28, 2014 (Ref. 7) Yea! canada goose coats on sale

However, The World Trade Organization (WTO), the ones who overturned the first COOL Law in 2012, upheld the American Meat Institutes lawsuit on October 20, 2014. Government not to appeal the lawsuit, but they did. No result yet, obviously the WTO can sit on legislation longer than the Supreme Court if it wants.

The Impact of the WTO Canada Goose Coats On Sale Decision to Repeal COOL

People were outraged that a good law, COOL, was repealed. But there was a bigger issue that had not really been acknowledged. Here we have Canada Goose Jackets an American law for the American people and for the welfare of the American People. It law was upheld by the American courts. But this International Council (the World Trade Organization) says this American law had to be repealed. Other poor countries can not match your high canada goose uk black friday standards, therefore you must lower your standards. Maybe you should start putting some E. Coli (bacteria) into your drinking water because it is too clean. House of Representatives Move to Repeal COOL

canada goose black friday sale Who cares if 90% of people approve of labeling of meat, let us repeal it. That is exactly what the House of Representatives did. On canada goose store June 12, 2015 on a vote of 301 (234 Republicans with 66 Democrats) to 131, the buy canada goose jacket House voted to repeal COOL (Reference 9). In criticising the decision: Rep. Collin Peterson, D Minn., ranking member of the House Ag Committee, was chairman when COOL was reworked in the 2008 farm bill to implement. Peterson criticized the bill for jumping the WTO process. Peterson also directly challenged Canada claim of $3 billion in economic losses, which Peterson called (For those of you interested the House has 247 GOP, 188 Democrats). So why does the GOP hate COOL, Several reasons they are pawns to Big Ag (like (N)AMI), they are very libertarian they don like any government regulation that is why they do not pass any laws, and they are very Pro Free Trade. So, if your food is not safe, tough. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Jackets Repeal of COOL Expected to Become Law Canada Goose Jackets

Obviously, if COOL had been a solitary bill, it would have been vetoed by the President. So, how do you get around the President? How about putting in the giant $1.15 Trillion spending bill? (Reference 10) That is what has happened. It is a smart part of a Canada Goose Online bill that includes provisions that give permanent tax breaks for the rich.

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